Introducing the Nutrition Vault STACC Program

Introducing the Nutrition Vault STACC Program

Anyone focused on nutrition, exercise, and staying on top of their game knows that building a stack of the right supplements and nutrients is necessary to build muscle and increase your abilities both in the weight room and in normal life.

At Nutrition Vault, we understand the need for a complete, holistic stack of more than just vitamins and supplements. Because of that, Nutrition Vault’s STACC program offers a complete system of Supplements, Training and Cuisine Combined together to promote your health.

Any individual who wants to meet a fitness goal, but does not have time to engage in all the learning, meal prepping and planning will benefit from this all-encompassing and individualized package. Developed by Jason Andrews, the founder of Nutrition Vault, teamed with several other specialists, the program is designed to provide diet, meal prep, training and supplement programming on a systematic basis. This includes:

Custom Training Plans
 We assign you workouts and you can log them in your dashboard. You’ll get:
  • Custom tailored training plans categorized by goal and by experience. 
  • Thousands of different exercises to keep things fun and interesting.
  • Video tutorials for each exercise.
  • Training plan schedule customized around your personal lifestyle and daily routine (work, school, etc)
Nutrition Plans
No cookie cutter plans over here! You’ll receive a custom calorie and macronutrient plan customized for your individual nutritional needs and fitness goals. It will also include:
  • Our Nutrition Log that contains an extensive database of foods for you to log to make sure you are hitting your macros everyday.
  • A barcode scanner to log food items.
  • A grocery shopping list customized to your individual plan.
  • Supplement programming which includes suggested supplements to incorporate into your nutrition plan to enhance your performance and recovery and guidance on when to utilize them.
  • Premium gourmet meal prep subscription service offered through our vendor partner Nutrichef that will take the cooking and grocery shopping out of the equation! (Optional)
  • Premium supplements (whey protein, fat burners, aminos, etc.) from the most trusted brands in the industry to compliment the supplement programming already included. (Optional)
Results Tracker
Stay on track with the results tracker, where we can both keep track of the following:
  • Bodyweight
  • Measurements
  • Body fat %
  • Progress on specific exercises
  • Distance covered
  • Time spent
  • Weight lifted
  • Completed workouts
  • Progress photos

Rather than focusing on learning all the different parts of building a workout campaign, use Nutrition Vault’s STACC to stack ALL of your vitamins & supplements, get stronger, and get the right meals for your fitness goals! The STACC app is now available on Apple's App Store and Google Play, get it now.


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