"Most people will hear the word “vault” and visualize a large storage place for valuables like money, jewelry and precious metals. Is your nutrition and health not valuable? Of course it is! So in a sense your body is like a vault...a nutrition vault. Make sure you are making healthy deposits.” 



Nutrition Vault is a fitness lifestyle store with a focus on sports nutrition. Whether you're looking to transform your body or improve performance in the gym or on the field, we have products that will fit your needs.

Work with our knowledgeable staff to narrow down your goals and which products will work best for you to reach them. Or take it a step further with our STACC Program to get a custom and individualized nutrition guide, grocery list and supplement recommendations based on your unique metabolic profile.

The supplement & fitness industry is filled with trendy “Gain Muscle/Lose Weight” quick schemes. All while we take a real science and research backed approach when providing supplement recommendations to our customers. Let us guide you through the array of confusing labels, compounds, dosages and formulations and help you choose the correct supplements for YOUR body, that work! We are here with one mission... to help you achieve your fitness goals. Stop in now to schedule a free consultation with one of our nutrition specialists.


We are not here to waste your time. We are here to get you results. Period.


The fittest athletes in the world all have a team behind them to help them with their nutrition. You DON'T have to do it on your own! We save you the time and energy of bouncing from one trendy diet program to the next by working with you to develop the correct nutrition plan, training protocol and supplement plan to match your fitness ambitions.

We offer a broad range of services than most that include: meal prep, customized diet and meal planning, our all inclusive STACC Program and an online store for your convenience. You will also find some lifting accessories and bodybuilding merchandise in our stores as well.