Are you a health and fitness enthusiasts who loves to share their passion with the world through social media? Then the Nutrition Vault Ambassador Program is designed for you. Nutrition Vault Ambassadors are very active in their local fitness community, as well as in the worldwide fitness community by utilizing all their social media channels. They use their platforms to spread the word about Nutrition Vault and health and fitness in general. Ultimately, their goal is to educate people about the importance of proper diet and supplementation choices and how those principles can help people lead happier and healthier lives.


  • 1-3 Social Media posts per week that promote the Brand.
  • Profile I Bio showing your status as a Nutrition Vault Ambassador, promoting the Brand and advertising your unique link and/or discount code.
  • Post special Nutrition Vault announcements as requested.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly calls as scheduled by Nutrition Vault.
  • Wearing Nutrition Vault Apparel (Workout photo or video in story 15+ sec) 1 per month minimum
  • Product Based (Education + sale info provided) 1 per week minimum
  • Personal Contest/Giveaway (Like to win, comment to win, tag a friend or photo challenge) – 1 per month (You will be provided with info each month)
  •  Repost (Other Ambassadors/Athletes shoutouts) - 1 post per month
  • Meal Prep related Posts (Featuring Nutrition Vault meals) 1 post per month
  • *When we run sales or promotions it is not mandatory to share NUTRITION VAULT’s posts, however, you may be requested to on special occasion.
  • We encourage you to follow your fellow Team members.


Benefits of being part of Team Nutrition Vault

  • Receive a Startup Package with FREE samples and swag.
  • Be the 1st to try any new products and receive new Nutrition Vault apparel and swag.
  • Discounted and FREE products
  • Invitations to Events
  • Inclusion in social media campaigns
  • Opportunities to earn compensation for demos
  • Opportunities to earn compensation for submitted content
  • Opportunities to earn a commission on sales with your coupon code


If you are interested in joining our team, please click here, fill out the contact form and tell us why you would be a great fit for Nutrition Vault.