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PRE Boost

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The Future of Pre

*Promotes focus, mental clarity, power, strength, motivation, massive pumps, mental toughness and positive mood.+

*No crash, jitters, headache, stomach ache or brain fog.+



Vitamin B3:  More commonly known as Niacin, this Vitamin offers many benefits including healthy growth, cognition, and longevity. Supplementing Niacin (B3) might also aid in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular and skeletal system.+

Vitamin B12:  We chose the more pure form of Vitamin B12, Methylcobalamin over Cyanocobalamin. Methylcobalamin is the active form of B12, meaning your body gets quicker benefits using this form. Vitamin B12 is necessary to maintain energy levels. Individuals lacking in Vitamin B12 often experience fatigue and weakness.+  

Caffeine Anhydrous:  Promotes alertness, improves mood and energy levels right away. Instantly you will feel the positive effects.

DiCaffeine Malate:  Offers quick energy just like caffeine, but has malic acid which helps calms your stomach from the effects of caffeine. Malic acid is also thought to replenish the energy produced by caffeine, helping to avoid any sudden crash.+

Beta-Alanine (as CarnoSyn®):  Increases muscle strength and improves overall muscle performance.  Beta-Alanine (as CarnoSyn®) is more known for the tingling sensation it causes, this is called paresthesia, which is completely harmless. Most associate this feeling with knowing the pre workout has kicked in.+

Betaine Anhydrous:  In exercise studies done using Betaine Anhydrous, overall body composition improved, arm size increased, bench press capacity increased as well as overall power. Additional benefits of Betaine Anhydrous shows it may have lipotropic effects, meaning it helps promote fat loss through the oxidation of lipids.+

L-Citrulline:  Citrulline enhances the ease at which one can obtain the "pump" due to it being a precursor to arginine. Promoting blood flow aids in recovery from exercise. Physical strength benefits are common when taking Citrulline, as one study showed a 23% increase in force output. In another study done on trained weightlifters, Citrulline increased reps per set, delayed fatigue, and decreased muscle soreness. In addition to its benefits for strength, it allows you to perform more reps, while combating soreness. Citrulline supplements the rate of phosphocreatine restoration post-workout. This means enhanced strength benefits at the beginning of your workout, but maintaining high levels of strength throughout your workout, allowing you to tear through workouts.+

Agmatine Sulfate:  Most individuals think of Arginine when it comes to attaining amazing pumps, but Agmatine is here to steal the spotlight. While supplementing with L-Arginine does promote blood flow by itself, Agmatine has been shown to be 100x more potent than L-Arginine. Enhanced blood flow results in nutrients being shuttled to vital areas. Agmatine supplementation can result in better pumps, improved endurance, more reps and faster recovery.+

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine:  Is an amino acid that helps to produce energy and improve mood much more efficiently than plain Tyrosine. The acetyl form is much more bioavailable by the body, meaning your body can utilize this form of Tyrosine much more efficiently than regular Tyrosine. Long-term cognitive exertion also has negative ramifications on cognitive performance. This includes physical exercise and studying.  This supplement is able to alleviate this cognitive fatigue.+

Alpha-Ketoglutarate:  Or called AKG, is involved in the Kreb’s Cycle, the body’s natural energy cycle production. By supplementing with AKG you are increasing your body’s natural energy. AKG is also very beneficial at improving cellular energy, boosting immunity and overall health.+

Alpha GPC:  Alpha-GPC supplements aid in general cognition. Alpha-GPC also supports learning, thinking and memorization. Pairing this with Huperzine really helps to boost the mental focus you feel with pre boost.+

Theacrine (as TeaCrine®):  While caffeine is able to promote your energy levels, TeaCrine® is able to take the benefits a step further. TeaCrine® is an energy booster, a nootropic and more. Benefits of TeaCrine® includes, increased energy levels and increased motivation.+

Huperzine A:  The primary benefit is a memory and cognitive enhancer. Its ability to supplement Acetylcholine affords numerous cognitive benefits as acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter responsible for learning and memory. Huperzine A can also benefit focus and attention.+

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